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Amputee Coalition

The Amputee Coalition is the nation’s leading organization on limb loss and has an extensive collection of resources for amputees and their families under:

General Resources

The site includes two manuals: for Above-Knee Amputees and for Below-Knee Amputees

Law and Policy

Recreation, Leisure, & Sports

  • Practical Tips for Sport and High Activity
    Limbless Association
  • Recommended Exercises
    Limbless Association
    Designed in association with the British Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in and the Physiotherapy Inter Regional Prosthetic Audit Group to remind you of the exercises you may have been taught by your physiotherapist and to help you perform them correctly at home.

Support Groups

  • Amputees Support Group
    It is a meeting place for people who deal with health challenges, a comfort zone to help and get help by people who are in your spot.
  • Support Groups
    Amputee News
  • Support Groups & Peer Support
    Amputee Coalition
    With over 260 support groups and over 1,000 peer visitors across the country, peer support offers an interactive map which allows to find a support group registered with the Amputee Coalition by state.
  • Permanently Disabled Support Group
    This group has four forums: Introductions & Personal Stories, General & Support, Medicine & Treatments, and Lounge - Off topic discussions where you can share your dilemmas, your feelings and experiences.
  • Social Security Disability Advice Group
    The SSD Advice support group offers many ways of interacting and sharing knowledge for people with different types of disability.




  • Tying Shoelaces One-handed
    YouTube video made by Roy Haycock, Limbless Association Treasurer.
  • Using A Below Knee Prosthesis (Purchase)

    American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists (AAOP)

    It is an instructional DVD that explains and demonstrates most of what a trans-tibial amputee needs to know to successfully wear a below knee prosthesis. The DVD focuses on donning and doffing a prosthesis, caring for a prosthesis (including hygiene), and maintaining a proper fit with sock management. The DVD is specific to two types of prostheses: suction suspension and locking liner suspension.

For detailed information on Insurance, Financial Assistance, and Medicare go to: Finance & Insurance

For additional information, stop by, call us at (630) 909-7090 or e-mail library staff


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