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Research FAQs

Before beginning your research project, it is recommended that you think about how comprehensive your research must be and how current your sources of information need to be.  Then define your research topic as specifically as possible and refine your topic as you learn more about it.  Contact your professional librarian for a review of literature and other literature searches.  Suggested guidelines for doing library research follow and may be adapted to fit your needs.

Finding Books

How do I locate items in my Library?
• Select Catalog on the Library homepage
• Select Library catalog
• Do a title, author, subject, or keyword search in the Library Catalog to locate the item
• Search any part of the catalog record (author, title, notes, etc.) using a Word List (keyword) search, do combination searches, and limit by date
• Write down the call number for the item
• Didn't find it at Marianjoy library? Search Other Catalogs

I have the call number for an item. How do I get it?
• Write down the call number of the item. Each item has a spine label with the Call number.
• Check the location of the item – GEN (General), REF (Reference), RES (Resident), PAT EDU (Patient Education), AUDIO, VIDEO, etc.
• Locate the general subject area of the item as shown by the first letters in the call number - WB for example. The remaining numbers and letters in the call number will lead you to the specific item.

The item I want is checked out. How can I get it next?
• Do a title or call number search in the Library Catalog for the item that you want.
• Click on the item, this will bring the detailed record of the item on the screen. Click on the REQUEST a COPY button that appears at the top of the page.
• Fill out the request form as completely as possible. You will be notified when the item is returned.

Finding Articles

The Marianjoy Medical Library subscribes to several online databases and thousands of electronic and print journals, magazines and newspapers. Many articles from these publications are available in full-text. These databases and full-text articles cannot be accessed through Google; however, they are available through your library’s main web site.
Journals and magazine articles contain the most up-to-date research in any given field because they take less time to produce and publish than most books. Articles are short, and often focus on particular aspects of a topic, while books tend to cover topics more broadly.
A database indexes articles published in journals, magazines and newspapers in various subjects. In addition to periodical articles, indexes and abstracts may also index articles/reports published in conference proceedings, government documents, technical reports, dissertations, and other sources. Indexes and abstracts vary in scope, depth and breadth of subject coverage. To find articles on your topic, you need to choose an online database that covers the subject areas of your research. Because no two databases/indexes are exactly alike, it may be necessary to search for your topic in more than one database.

• Select Databases from the on the Library homepage
• Select Databases by Title or Databases by Subject based on your individual needs
• To see a cumulative journal list by title, go to Journal List
• You may also access the Journal List by going to Electronic-Resources
• Select Tutorials & Search Guides for individual database tutorials

Unless otherwise noted, electronic indexes and abstracts are available only to Marianjoy physicians, residents, staff, and students. If you are trying to connect from off-campus, you will need to "authenticate" yourself in order to connect to the indexes and abstracts. Please contact library staff for further assistance.

Getting an item not owned by your library

Interlibrary Loan
Request Books, Book Chapters, and Journal Articles from Other Libraries
Who is eligible for this service?
Interlibrary Loan is a free service offered to all Marianjoy physicians, Residents, and staff.

How long will it take for my request to arrive?
Journal, magazine, or newspaper articles usually take about 5 week days to arrive. Books usually take 10 week days or more. You will be notified by phone or e-mail (your choice) when the item is available.

Urgent Patient Requests
Urgent patient requests are processed within 4 hours. For urgent patient requests, contact the library by phone.

Where do I pick up my request?
Pick up your ordered item from the Library after you have been notified by phone or email of its arrival. When the article that you requested is sent to us in electronic form, we will e-mail it to you or you may request for a hard copy of the article.

Can I renew an Interlibrary Loan book?
The lending library sets the due date (it varies from library to library). If you need the book longer, contact the library staff at 630-909-7090 at least three days before the due date. Once the book is overdue, a renewal cannot be arranged.

Where do I return an Interlibrary Loan book?
Return the book to your library.

Are there any limits to the number of items that I can request?
There are no limits.

Do I have to return articles or book chapters?
Photocopies of articles or chapters do not need to be returned. They are yours to keep.

May I order a book that you have in the Library but is checked out or missing?

What items cannot be requested?
Certain items may not be requested through Interlibrary Loan such as books published during the current calendar year, reference books, whole issues of journals, non-print materials such as videotapes, recorded music, audiotapes, CDs, etc.

Need help? Ask for assistance, call us at (630) 909-7090 or e-mail the Library Staff

Citing Sources

This page will provide links to Websites with examples of citations that are most commonly used. Examples in both APA and MLA style formats are available. The style is usually determined by the discipline in which you are working or publication.


What are Mesh Headings?

For further information go to Mesh Browser Home Page


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