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February, 2013

Welcome to the online Nursing Journal Club! This month there are 2 articles that will count together for 0.5 continuing education credits.

Reading Assignment:

Article 1
What's a peer-reviewed journal?
Guerrieri R.
Nursing. 2012 May, 42(5):46-9.


PEER REVIEW, a hallmark of scholarly literature, is a process designed to present the best evidence for practice [1, 2]. Peer-reviewed journals may also be called refereed journals or juried journals. The peer-review process isn't specific to medicine and nursing; other disciplines and professions also use it in the publication process.
This article describes the peer-review process, what sets peer-reviewed journals apart, and how to identify these journals.
Available full-text only from the Marianjoy network

Article 2
Your role in protecting research participants
Schneider MA.
Nursing. 2012 Jan, 42(1):15-7.


EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE (EBP) is now the foundation for nursing care delivery. Many nurses will become involved in research projects in their institutions because they believe sufficient evidence on which to base clinical practice is lacking.1 One of the goals of EBP is to translate research to clinical practice. To reach this goal, nurses may review research projects, enroll participants, assist with data collection, or translate research to the bedside.
Whatever your role in research projects, you'll need to be aware of ethical concerns. This article describes how to protect human research participants by paying careful attention to the structure of the research, oversight of the research proposal, and regulation of participants' treatment. [2] It starts by reviewing how these ethical concerns arose.
Available full-text only from the Marianjoy network

The purpose of the online Nursing Journal Club is to facilitate the use of evidence-based practice in providing excellent nursing care.


  1. Define what a peer-reviewed journal is Identify at least two nursing interventions that can increase parent satisfaction
  2. Describe what is meant by double blind
  3. Identify 3 basic ethical principles that should underlie all research involving human participants
  4. Identify the purpose of the institutional review board (IRB)

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Available Credits: .5 Contact Hours

Instructions for receiving the credits:

There are 3 parts to earning CE credit for this article. This program will award 0.5 hours of CE credit. All components must be completed between February 1 and February 28, 2013:

  1. After reading the article, there is a short post-test on the Learning Link. To get to the module, open and login to Learning Link, click View course catalog, select Marianjoy, and then enter PRCH4007 to find the February journal module. You must complete the post-test on or before February 28 and score at least 80% correct to earn CE credit.
  2. As part of the requirements to earn the CE credit, you must participate in a discussion about the articles. This discussion will take place via e-mail. A Nursing Journal Club designee will generate the discussion on February 9. You must respond / participate in the discussion at least 1 time by February 27 to be compliant.
  3. An evaluation of this learning opportunity is required to obtain the CE credit. A link to the evaluation will be found in the post-test.

It should take you approximately 1-1/4 hours to read the article, take the quiz and complete the evaluation. 

As a member of the Nursing Journal Club, you will automatically receive subsequent articles on the first of each month. If you would like to cancel your membership at any time, please contact Cindy Bright via e-mail or contact her at 630.909.8027. We will send out a flyer announcing the next article approximately 2 weeks prior to sending it out.

We are excited that you are interested in this new opportunity. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

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