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What Is Islam, and Who Are Muslims?

This section provides information on Muslim culture as it relates to the health of individuals, families, and communities. We hope that the material contained here will be useful to providers as they formulate effective strategies to eliminate health disparities for the Muslim population.

Source: The Provider's Guide to Quality and Culture

  • Disability and the Muslim Perspective: An Introduction for Rehabilitation and Health Care Providers
    Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange, University at Buffalo
  • Muslims
    The Provider's Guide to Quality and Culture
    Provides detailed information for Muslim culture including its strengths and protective factors, challenges to health and well-being, and principles for culturally competent health services.
  • Muslim Patients and Health Care: Twelve Practical Points for non-Muslim Providers
    Chaplain John Ehman, University of Pennsylvania Health System
    The Web document lists points for the care of patients from different cultures


End-of-Life Care







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