Marianjoy Library


Article First
Article First is an Index of articles from nearly 13,000 journals. It does not contain any abstracts or full-text articles.


ERIC database is a guide to published and unpublished sources on thousands of educational topics, with information from RIE (Resources in Education) and CIJE (Current Index to Journals in Education). ERIC records now include full-text documents from the ERIC Digest. The ERIC database includes the ERIC thesaurus, a complete list of descriptive terms used by ERIC to index and search the database. Users can access ERIC documents from 1996-present from within the database by clicking on "full text." Older documents are stored in the Library's microfiche collection.


JAKE: Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment
Jake (Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment) is a jointly administered database of online journals, journal publishers, database providers, and journal aggregators.  It is a search engine that indicates whether articles are available online in full text, or just as an index entry. 


OCLC FirstSearch
OCLC First Search is a bibliographic service of the Online Library Computer Center (OCLC).  Our subscription includes WorldCat, some of the FirstSearch databases, and indexing services.  The FirstSearch service includes many other databases, which are not currently included in our subscription



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