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Copyright Information

The following Web sites have been selected by the library staff to save your considerable time in locating authoritative resources.



About Copyright Website LLC
The Copyright Website provides transparency to a particularly opaque and obtuse area of intellectual property.


Center for Copyright Information

The Center for Copyright Information (CCI) was formed to educate consumers about the importance of copyright protection and to offer information about online copyright infringement. Our goal is to alleviate confusion and help Internet users find legal ways to enjoy the digital content they love.


Center for Intellectual Property and Copyright

The Center for Intellectual Property and Copyright (CIP), University of Maryland University College, provides access to an on-line, interactive tutorial on copyright basics called the ©Primer. The Primer is a free interactive online tool to assist educating faculty, staff and students about copyright principles and compliance. It’s just a simple click away!


 Copyright Information and Education Initiative at University of Minnesota Libraries
This site provides a comprehensive survey of copyright issues related to teaching and research for higher education community. In addition the site incorporates a number of interesting and useful interactive tools. It also provides a venue to discuss typical scenarios in research and teaching.


Copyright Management Center
This site is presented by the Copyright Management Center of Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis and is managed by Kenneth Crews, a well known and highly regarded copyright scholar. The page also contains a collection of Professor Crews’ articles, a section on issues related to libraries and information on how to get and give permission to use copyrighted materials.


MedlinePlus: Copyright Information
Government information at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Web sites is in the public domain. Public domain information may be freely distributed and copied, but it is requested that in any subsequent use NLM be given appropriate acknowledgement.


 Ten Big Myths about Copyright Explained
This Web site attempts to answer common myths about copyright seen on the net and covers issues related to copyright and USENET/Internet publication.


 United States Copyright Office
This list would be incomplete without the United States Copyright Office Web site. The “Copyright Basics” and the “Frequently Asked Questions” sections are helpful. Also, the Copyright Office allows for on-line copyright registration through CORDS, the Copyright Office Electronic Registration, and Recordation & Deposit System. The page also contains a set of recommended resources.


 United States Patent and Trademark Office
This is only official Web site of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


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