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Your library provides access to DynaMed , an electronic evidence-based, clinical reference tool /database designed to provide the most useful point-of-care health information available. It contains more than 2000 disease summaries. Editors ay DynaMed systematically monitor journals, journal review services, systematic review collections, guideline collections, drug information sources and other relevant sources. The content for each disease summary is formatted in a simple outline style with sections and subcategories, users may open or expand a single section or category, all sections and categories, or selected sections and categories.  It is also updated several times daily as new evidence becomes available, supplying health care professionals with the information they need to make the best-informed decisions at the point of care.

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Topic Summaries

Below are just a few examples of topics covered in the databse. You may open or expand a single section or category, all sections and categories, or selected sections and categories (click on expand: top right))

The database is available to all Marianjoy associates from the network. For remote access or schedule a training session, please contact your library staff at 630-909-7090.

Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI)

Joanna Briggs Institute is an evidence based practice database. JBI’s powerful suite of online tools assists physicians, nurses, researchers, students, and policy makers to adopt EBP methodologies to effectively:

  • Search the evidence

  • Appraise the evidence

  • Implement the evidence (embed the evidence in procedure manuals, patient education, etc.)

  • Evaluate outcomes and the impact on practice change.

JBI’s comprehensive full-text resources include:

  • Evidence Summaries Evidence

  • Based Recommended Practices

  • Best Practice Information Sheets

  • Systematic Reviews

  • Consumer Information Sheets and more

For more information go to: Introducing JBI EBP database on OvidSP


E-Books are simply electronic copies of regular, printed books and are normally chaptered and indexed in much the same way. Unlike normal printed book, e-book is in document format such as PDF or HTML. After you have selected your book, you can browse through the book using the Contents tab, Index tab, or next/previous arrows.

Please visit the Marianjoy E-Book Collection to take a peak at the e-books available to you.





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