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Based on feedback from our Diversity Needs Assessment Survey of our associates , we are introducing a new series on World Religions and Cultures. Our associates expressed the desire to learn more about different cultural & religious groups (Muslims, Asian Americans, and Hispanic/Latinos). This is the first in the series which provides information on Islam religion and Muslim culture, traditions, and believes.

Did you Know? July, 2014

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Welcome to the Marianjoy Online Nursing Journal Club

The Online Nursing Journal Club, started two years ago at Marianjoy, is now open to all nurses in the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare System.

To find deatailed information, go to Online Nursing Journal Club.
Please join us for the Dec.2014/Jan.2015 Journal Club.
We appreciate your participation and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.


E-Books are simply electronic copies of regular, printed books and are normally chaptered and indexed in much the same way. Unlike normal printed book, e-book is in document format such as pdf or html. After you have selected your book, you can browse through the book using the Contents tab, Index tab, or next/previous arrows.

Please visit the Marianjoy E-Book Collection to take a peak at the e-books available to you.

Browsing and Navigational Tools Found in Books Are:
  • Tabs for viewing different versions of a list or content.

  • toc_plus.gif / toc_minus.gif  (plus/minus) symbols to expand/collapse contents and indexes.

  • Close/Open links to collapse/expand the Content and Index columns.

  • Next/Previous arrows to move to the next Web page or search results page.

  • Hyperlinks

  • Searching within the book  >>>More
Did you know?
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Answers to your most commonly asked questions in the library.

  • Not sure how to begin your research project?

Go to the Research section of the library Web site; it will provide detailed information about the various aspects of research.

  • Where can I find peer reviewed journal articles on my topic?

Click on Databases by Title and select a database of your choice.  EBSCO ALL Databases and OVID All Databases are good starting point. For assistance, please contact your library staff.

  • Do we have full-text e-journals and e-books on Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)? Do we subscribe to the journal Brain Injury? Where can I find full text article from Brain Injury, published in November 2011?

Yes we have access to subscribe to full-text E-journals and E-books on EBM.To find the article published in Brain Injury, go to E-journals and type Brain Injury in the search box.  It will give you access to full-text articles.

  • Are you ready to publish and need help with writing and publishing for the biomedical publications?

Go to the Research section of the library Web site, scroll down to Authorship Guidelines and use the links to find detailed information on the topic of your choice.

  • Need help with creating correctly-formatted bibliographies in either MLA or APA style?

Go to the Citing Sources from the Research section and click on any of the links.  NoodleBib is an excellent software to create a bibliography. Citing Sources: APA & MLA Styles from College of DuPage Library is a good quick reference guide.

  • What is the doctrine of fair use for copyrighted works?

Go to the Copyright Law section and click on Fair Use.

  • What is Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)? Which databases should I use to find EBM literature?

Go to EBM section of the Web site and you will find very detailed information on the topic.


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